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How Web Brokers and Brokers Kill Petroleum Offers and Oil Offers As Intermediaries in Buying and selling


In accordance with research, primarily due to the central position that the Web has performed in worldwide buying and selling, the actual marketplace for the intermediaries or middlemen within the worldwide ‘secondary’ market buying and selling has been collapsing fairly quickly in latest occasions. Estimates from such consultants and accounts by the skilled dealer assert that the yr 2000 was the final “good yr” for the enterprise middleman. Kamal J. Southall, for instance, maintains that “after 2000, the crucial mass of brokers and merchants who have been ill-informed and poorly educated, in addition to of fraudulently utilized affords and scams, reached the purpose that actual end-buyers producers and suppliers merely stopped responding [to intermediaries] besides in distinctive instances.”

Southall estimates, citing one other consultants’ calculation, that out of somebody million people at the moment making an attempt to make it as brokers or commerce intermediaries on this planet, “maybe not more than 1% has the coaching and ability wanted ever to shut a deal… [meaning that] the overwhelming majority, are buying and selling blindly, [hence] offers are collapsing… and extra to the purpose, [oil dealers are] being defrauded – typically massively.”

In reality, the consensus amongst consultants is that beforehand, earlier than the present creation of the predominance of the Web in worldwide buying and selling when facsimile and telex buying and selling was the supreme medium for the enterprise, there had existed a fairly sturdy and viable market, though small, for the middleman agent. It was somewhat widespread for an middleman to sometimes get to a contract closing stage and shut offers and earn at the least cheap fee incomes. There has NOT been such an middleman market these days for some years now, for the reason that new Web period. However somewhat, such a marketplace for the middleman has basically been useless for all however essentially the most expert and skilled middleman available in the market right now – killed partially, although certainly not utterly, by the preeminent use of the Web medium by the Web dealer and middleman.

Briefly, the brand new actuality of right now is that whereas, within the days earlier than the Web, the typical dealer, agent or different middleman or ‘intermediary’ concerned in worldwide buying and selling typically and efficiently closed offers and earned first rate revenue with at the least some modest frequency, fairly on the contrary, such dealer or agent or one other middleman who function on this present Web period, then again, hardly closes any offers or earns any revenue within the enterprise anymore.

And what elements account for this phenomenon – for the truth that these brokers and different intermediaries typically make no gross sales or revenue on this Web period?.


Many elements account for this. Briefly summed up, they vary from the dramatically elevated variety of scams and fraudsters within the enterprise, made a lot simpler by the protect of anonymity offered by the Web, to relative lack of correct coaching, abilities, or data within the fundamentals of the enterprise prevalent among the many fashionable class of brokers and different intermediaries because of the easiness of requisite qualification for one to change into an Web “dealer” or middleman, to the aspect of the elevated pervasiveness of “The Joker Dealer” mentality and habits among the many Web-era brokers, brokers & different intermediaries. Nevertheless, all these varied causative elements being duly thought of, maybe the one, overarching, most paramount consideration accounting for the woeful failure and lack of ability of the trendy dealer and the middleman to do enterprise efficiently, could possibly be subsumed into this one central theme and be summed up as follows: using, and reliance upon, badly flawed and misguided methodology, guidelines and procedures for oil offers on the a part of the trendy class of intermediaries in doing enterprise – a category of intermediaries that’s typically usually infamous for being notably untrained, misguided and uninformed as to the precise and correct manner of doing the enterprise.

Most, sadly, continuously the results of the above actuality is that by largely relying upon and utilizing such misguided and badly flawed methodology and procedures in doing enterprise, such brokers and brokers, who’re infamous, as nicely, for occasionally being overzealous, self-consumed, and determined to discover a purchaser or make a fast fee in any respect prices, basically change into, themselves, truly the largest obstacles to themselves and fellow brokers and brokers in efficiently closing offers or getting cash within the oil buying and selling enterprise!

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Broadly talking, there are a couple of fundamental identifiable main methods by which this somewhat superior phenomenon of the trendy overzealous and misguided Web dealer or agent constituting an impediment in efficiently doing enterprise continuously manifests itself.


However, in all probability essentially the most impactful however pervasive manner and the way the overzealous and misguided dealer/agent middleman continuously constitutes himself (or herself), whether or not deliberately or unintentionally, right into a crippling impediment, somewhat than an support or facilitator, to efficiently doing petroleum offers or closing one, is principally by their use of methodology and procedures that are badly flawed and misguided, unrealistic, unreal, impracticable, and oftentimes downright pie-in-the-sky like and comical.

A traditional instance of that’s the frequent resort by many Web brokers and brokers to make use of the arcane procedures such because the ‘LOI,’ ‘ICPO,’ ‘NCND,’ ‘BCL,’ and so forth., in doing enterprise. In accordance with many revered consultants and seasoned practitioners within the buying and selling discipline, the employment of procedures corresponding to these by any provider or middleman is just about an automated marker that instantly offers away the person as a commerce beginner or middleman and a failure who not solely lacks the requisite coaching or data of the right buying and selling procedures, however who apparently has by no means efficiently closed any offers, and by no means will. Certainly, to a seasoned purchaser (or the agent of 1), getting gross sales to supply from a provider or agent which opens with such phrases and procedures is usually a transparent marker that mechanically units off an alarm bell in such a purchaser’s head, spelling hazard and potential doom to the customer. As one knowledgeable put it, “In truth, the presence of many of those phrases are thought of to be indicators of Advance Price Fraud, by educated gamers and legislation enforcement.”

That is how an middleman who admitted to being a failed Joker-Dealer with a previous file of a string of failures, however who later acquired the right coaching and have become a reformed dealer, and is now a profitable multi-deal nearer, sums it up, writing within the jockerbroker.com web site:

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“When a deal begins with ‘ship ICPO with BCL or Gentle Probe, NCND and IMFPA,’ that is ‘dealer language.’ People who know dealer language know what this implies: ‘I’m a joker dealer. I don’t have any actual product on the market. I don’t know anybody who has any, so I would like you to present me an Irrevocable Buy Order along with your full monetary particulars disclosed, so I can run round along with your order and your cash in my fingers, on the lookout for a product. The subsequent factor you see will likely be your organization and banking particulars uncovered to the entire world, operating round unsecured on the Web for hundreds of different joker brokers.’ ”

Essentially, the first motive that consultants use such procedures is usually seen by consultants as badly flawed and improper, and as typically constituting the largest obstacles to many a dealer or agent in efficiently closing offers or getting cash within the oil buying and selling enterprise, is somewhat easy. These procedures and methodology are inappropriate or unworkable and impracticable, pure and easy! They’re inappropriate and unworkable inside the context of the actual world of the enterprise surroundings by which they’re making an attempt to function or do enterprise. And consequently, as a result of these procedures and methodology are of such nature, they invariably fail and inevitably by no means work. Why? Mainly, as a result of suppliers who obtain such silly procedures from intermediaries or potential patrons, being already sickened by these sorts of procedures, simply can’t be bothered to answer to them. Equally, the tip patrons received’t be bothered with replying to equally silly and sickening affords from sellers. In consequence, the result’s that the one folks supposedly ‘buying and selling’ are merely the misguided intermediaries passing round make-belief ‘offers’ from one misguided middleman to a different, basically consisting, for essentially the most half, of shoving across the ordinary inappropriate or unworkable procedures just like the ‘LOI.’ ‘BCL,’ ‘ICPO,’ and unverified ‘POP.’

Certainly, say some consultants – most of whom typically characterize these procedures in derogatory phrases like ‘unsafe,’ ‘impracticable,’ ‘misguided,’ and ‘misused’ – many a time even the intermediaries, themselves, who make use of these phrases and procedures are totally nicely conscious that they haven’t been capable of shut a deal for months, even years, of utilizing these badly flawed phrases and procedures, and possibly by no means will. However but, these consultants add, these intermediaries won’t admit that these strategies are flawed and haven’t gotten them any offers up to now, and every new middleman within the ‘dealer chain’ continues, anyway, to move the flawed copied strategies down the never-ending ‘daisy chain,’ from one dealer/agent middleman to the opposite of their make-belief ‘offers’ and ‘buying and selling.’


Given the central actuality we’ve simply sketched above to the impact that these procedures and methodology are sometimes inappropriate or unworkable and invariably fail and no revenue on the a part of the Web intermediaries, a significant curious query of immense relevance, is that this: Why then? Why then is it that these Web intermediaries typically refuse to make use of the right oil deal procedures however plunge forward anyway, and nonetheless have interaction in doing enterprise utilizing exactly those self same badly flawed and unproductive procedures? Or, to place it one other manner, what forces or pursuits apparently impel them to maintain conducting enterprise that manner, any manner, such that, in impact, by conducting enterprise that manner, that exact position that such intermediaries play typically makes them, whether or not wittingly or unwittingly, a main impediment on their very own path, and the trail of most different intermediaries, in having the ability to shut offers or to earn revenue?

THE ANSWER? In a phrase, the fundamental motive is essentially associated to the non-public monetary self-interest of the intermediaries and the determined egocentric want on their half to shortly land an actual provider or safe a fee revenue by any means in any respect.

Many insightful consultants and eager observers have famous, for instance, that many of those arcane procedures being employed by these Web intermediaries (the LOI, ICPO, BCL, NCND, and so forth.) are literally normally not initiated or required by the principal merchants (i.e., the customer or the vendor) concerned within the enterprise, however are merely the non-public innovations and initiatives of the overzealous middleman varieties created, designed, improvised, and used largely by them to achieve for themselves some undue management within the buying and selling course of, and, most significantly for them, to keep away from “circumvention” by different intermediaries in a deal, and, thereby to create or justify getting paid a fee revenue, themselves, in a deal.



A great living proof for illustrating the above level is the frequent resort to utilizing the so-called “LOI” (Letter of Intent) by Web brokers and intermediaries in initiating commerce affords. The LOI (Letter of Intent) doc is a central process widespread amongst many present-day Web brokers and intermediaries and a few sellers. Mainly, these brokers and intermediaries would continuously demand that any intending or purchaser ought to first current the LOI doc in exhibiting and initiating an curiosity in a commerce provide or making a purchase order. And, in keeping with such intermediaries, intending patrons ought to accomplish that as a result of, they are saying, by signing such a doc on the very starting of the promoting course of and handing it over (by way of them, in fact!) to a supposed provider of a product, that gesture, they declare, represent an important demonstration of the legitimacy of curiosity on the a part of the would-be purchaser, and could be exhibiting that he (she) is “critical” about making a purchase order.

But, apart from these Web merchants and intermediaries who habitually persist in utilizing these procedures, just about all credible and revered consultants within the trade level out – and, to my data, no credible sellers or patrons, and even intermediaries, dispute this truth or have confirmed in any other case – that this doc is actually a legally nugatory, meaningless, and even harmful piece of paper, which is of no authorized power or impact in any respect, and is legally nonbinding and completely unenforceable upon any of the related events concerned in a deal, whether or not or not it’s the signer of the doc (the customer), or the vendor to whom it’s given, or the middleman.

Which, once more, logically evokes the unique query, WHY? Why then do these Web merchants and intermediaries proceed to make use of or insist on potential patrons utilizing the LOI process in initiating their commerce offers and affords, regardless that it isn’t solely a fully nugatory process that’s of no actual impact or authorized that means to any credible purchaser, however basically constitutes a significant impediment to a critical middleman in ever having the ability to shut a deal, and regardless that this doc squarely falls underneath the notorious class of the sorts of procedures which might be, within the phrases of Davide Papa and different revered consultants on the topic, so “unsafe, inappropriate, impracticable, unworkable and misused,” that “anybody making an attempt to do enterprise with a lot of these intermediaries [who use them], will even be unable to shut a deal or acquire a cent in commissions, irrespective of how lengthy they commerce for or how exhausting they fight.”?

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The reply is that the central clue lies instantly in actuality embedded on this assertion by Toby Winson, a eager analyst of the problem, in his essay titled, the “Joker-Dealer-Land”: “Greater than 95% of the time, the LOI is written by a dealer, not by the vendor, and, for essentially the most half, these brokers have simply minimize and pasted info that they obtained from different brokers. Thus the entire conflicts and errors within the [LOI] are copied and move[ed] alongside from joke to joke.”

In different phrases, invariably, these intermediaries insist and persist in utilizing the LOI and different equally ill-fitted joker dealer kind paperwork (when, actually, all rational causes would dictate in any other case), primarily for causes which might be merely egocentric and considerably private and have completely NOTHING in any respect to do with eager to do good, legit, profitable enterprise or wanting to realize any degree of wholesomeness referring to the enterprise, itself. Nor something has to do with the securing, preservation, or “safety” of the provider’s legit pursuits concerned within the deal. However, somewhat, have all the pieces to do with their very own private, egocentric monetary self-interest and agenda, and with their very own obsessive concern with touchdown for themselves a legit provider and/or purchaser of a product and for incomes a fee.

The purpose is that the proof is robust that always, many overzealous, tremendous bold, aggressive brokers and brokers, particularly the obscure or scam-oriented ones, who signify themselves as sellers’ representatives or mandates largely by way of Web contacts or communication and even declare to be the precise crude Sellers, themselves, make use of the LOI merely as a software to shortly “nook and field in” a potential purchaser to decide to a purchase order cope with them proper up entrance. That’s, to commit earlier than the possible purchaser might demand that they supply their enterprise profile or present him one thing tangible to reveal that they actually signify, or are, legit sellers. Thus, such intermediaries, or sellers, would persistently demand that the possible patrons hurry and challenge them an LOI proper upfront purportedly as proof that they’re “critical” about making the acquisition. And, as for the middleman himself, what he deems as essentially the most critically necessary matter for him is that by having that LOI doc signed and submitted to him (presumably for the middleman’s onward transmission of it to the supposed “vendor” of the product), the middleman himself – and NOT essentially the supposed provider or vendor – shall have shortly “cornered and boxed in” the possible purchaser and secured his dedication to the middleman, even when to not the customer.

Many a time, particularly in a case involving a supposed vendor who’s both a pretend vendor or doesn’t even have any crude in hand but, or an unscrupulous aspiring vendor’s agent or dealer who truly has not acquired a crude provider (vendor) but, patrons might challenge a purported ‘vendor’ an LOI solely to seek out out that there isn’t a vendor on the opposite finish. This occurs rather a lot in conditions the place you may have a hungry or overzealous agent or facilitator who continues to be struggling to get an actual provider, and by extracting this LOI from an unsuspecting purchaser, this facilitator can commit the customer to the agent or facilitator just for him than to start out hustling to discover a vendor or provider.


There may be one other fundamental main manner the brand new position of the overzealous, misguided Web dealer or agent as an impediment to efficiently doing enterprise continuously manifests itself. The pernicious results typically led to by the phenomenon of the lengthy string or chain of brokers, brokers, and intermediaries typically concerned within the course of, with most of them undercutting one another.

Many a time, the affords offered by an middleman for an oil deal would include one lengthy chain after one other of too many individuals who go by completely different titles, corresponding to “dealer,” “mandate,” “agent,” “facilitator.” However, what’s worst, is that, partly because of the digital lack of any goal necessities for qualification for carrying the mantle of being a “dealer,” or “agent” or “intermediary” within the commerce right now, and the benefit of entry into Web buying and selling, such Web intermediaries tend to perform in a local weather of little or no guidelines or requirements in any respect and free or no ethics, by which the “canine eat canine” mentality appear to prevail – a local weather by which every dealer, agent, or mandate, being solely selfishly involved with simply his personal private good points and self-interest, is continually making an attempt to undercut and circumvent the opposite in offers. Thus, typically resulting in the final word detriment of ALL the events concerned in a proposal, as ALL of them, as an entire, and never only one occasion or the opposite, invariably wind up the losers since NO deal in any respect is had with any purchaser.

To make sure, the problem of an middleman probably being “circumvented” by one other, or by a principal, is a legit challenge completely worthy of concern and a focus by any middleman concerned in a buying and selling deal, extra particularly in a petroleum deal which is an trade that’s notably infamous for being a hotbed of get-rich-quick daydreamers and unscrupulous gold diggers who aren’t notably famous for his or her nice ethics, excessive coaching or schooling, or nice character. Completely and categorically so! Nevertheless, the central level to be made right here is that legit concern about doable circumvention needn’t essentially be allowed, nonetheless, to degenerate into obsessive paranoia that ought to cripple making all progress in a deal, and that there’s, truly, a extra correct and efficient manner and technique by which that all-important ‘circumvention’ challenge could possibly be higher addressed and would just about get rid of the potential of circumvention of any middleman in a deal.

For our current functions right here, what’s related to notice is that the attribute phenomenon of getting an extended chain of too many individuals as intermediaries in a deal, every egocentric, distrusting and suspicious of the opposite and unwilling to collaborate and yield wanted info to the opposite, typically presents a profound and insurmountable drawback, basically making the middleman, himself, the foremost hindrance and impediment to understanding a deal or closing one. Principally, when such a phenomenon rears its unlucky head in a deal, it critically slows down the distribution of data and even brings it to an absolute halt, thus utterly crippling and ending any prospects of getting any deal. Moreover, the problem of ‘fee payment splitting’ association turns into extra intense and furiously contentious in such conditions, as a lot of the intermediaries within the chains, gripped by worry, selfishness, frustration, and private greed, tussle over the problem of which group takes how a lot or what share of the fictional “fee” – a fee which is, within the first place, merely a figment of everybody’s creativeness at this level since nothing is but to be, and nothing might, actually, ever, ever be in the long run, in any case that vacant noise and hype is made!

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This sort of situation would occur even when, and the place, a deal appears real and in any other case promising and full with all the weather of being probably profitable. Thus, a legit purchaser would possibly want a product and require the dealer or agent who introduced him the deal to supply sure important info or authenticate it. However as a result of the customer, or the middleman, has to undergo an extended chain of many fingers earlier than he may get the requisite info – an issue which, by the way in which, a educated, skilled and self-confident middleman may simply remedy by organising a ‘step again’ association – it quickly makes the deal unable to maneuver ahead. The customer to lose belief or in any other case destroys belief among the many principals and the intermediaries concerned within the deal, thus successfully killing the deal.


Different fundamental methods by which the brand new position of the overzealous, misguided Web dealer or agent as an impediment to efficiently doing enterprise continuously manifests itself would come with the next:

1. Presentation of Unverified Materials with No Due Diligence

This is without doubt one of the most infamous hallmarks of the ‘joker dealer’ kind brokers and brokers who usually function on the Web right now – they typically current affords, ‘SPA’ contracts, and ‘offers’ that lack any VERIFICATION in any respect, or one upon which any DUE DILIGENCE has been completed as to their authenticity, genuineness or intrinsic price or worth if any in any respect. Thus, as these intermediaries can ship a whole lot, even hundreds, of e mail affords concurrently to a number of sellers, with just about none verified and even verifiable, one main results of that is that, within the famous phrases of 1 knowledgeable, “Suppliers can’t be bothered to answer to doubtful buy affords or requests for quotes. Equally, the tip patrons received’t reply to equally silly affords.” And thus, leading to a failed market, with no offers typically closed by most intermediaries, nor any fee revenue ever being earned by any!

2. Lack of Information of Product:

Continuously, the middleman who comes providing a ‘deal’ or bearing a ‘SPA’ Contract kind woefully lacks any working data of the petroleum product or market that he (or she) purports to be promoting – issues like the usual high quality specification of the product, or its present worth on this planet market, the manufacturing capability of crude for a rustic, and the like (to not converse, in fact, of figuring out the right methodology, guidelines or procedures of the enterprise). Clearly, how can one market a product that one is aware of nothing about? Typically, the middleman’s stark ignorance is quickly uncovered when such an middleman will get requested sure fundamental, elementary questions by the purchaser or his agent. The middleman comes again, normally after a number of days of inaction, with one thing like, ‘I’ve despatched your inquiries to my vendor, and I’m ready to get the vendor’s reply’!

Or, even worse nonetheless, a purchaser whose curiosity in a proposal may need change into ignited within the deal would possibly place a telephone name to the middleman wanting to establish if he’s educated about sure elements or info of the product or affords that the middleman purports to market because it’s been amply proven that an skilled dealer may get a good evaluation of the seriousness or genuineness of a provider or the provide he’s peddling by merely ‘feeling the heart beat’ of the provider or his purported consultant by way of a mere phone dialog. Nevertheless, being that the typical Web middleman typically lacks the requisite data concerning the petroleum product he purports to market (to not converse of information of the principles and procedures of the realm of worldwide commerce, typically), far most of the time, the middleman losses the chance to domesticate the essential belief and credibility issue with the customer by way of mere demonstration of information concerning the product or provide he purports to market.


In sum, the overriding, pivotal, crucial problem of each Web middleman or vendor, dealer, agent, or one other middleman who operates within the “secondary” worldwide oil buying and selling market right now and needs to succeed is to make sure you use the right petroleum deal procedures, and that he (or she) does NOT, himself, for causes of parochial, egocentric issues, represent the actual impediment to conducting legit enterprise with credible patrons. However somewhat, that he constitutes, as an alternative – basically by dent of the form of working procedures he employs and proffers – an support, consolation, and precise facilitator to legit enterprise operatives and to doing legit enterprise with legit patrons…


Creator Benjamin O. Anosike, Ph.D. An acclaimed writer and a number one knowledgeable on worldwide oil buying and selling procedures, Anosike’s newest ebook is titled, “The Solely Approach the Commodities Middleman Can Shut a Petroleum Deal Right now,” billed as essentially the most detailed, complete, authoritative step-by-step information ever written and obtainable right now for utilizing the right and most acceptable buying and selling guidelines and procedures fitted to the trendy Web period to seek out genuine, scam-free petroleum suppliers and alternatives. FOR MORE ON THIS BOOK, VISIT: http://www.ReliableOilDealsConsultancy.com

He’s a Crude Oil Consumers’Sellers’ Mandate for a number of large U.S. and European crude oil and petroleum merchandise shopping for homes and refineries, and a Guide, as nicely, to non-public buyers, entrepreneurs, and firms on methods to get hold of real crude allocation and license with the Nigerian authorities to change into a licensed vendor of Nigerian crude oil. He has been severally dubbed the “unofficial anti-scam czar” and the “conscience of the enterprise” within the fashionable Web petroleum buying and selling market.