January 28, 2023


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Save the World, a Letter to the President – I Assume We Should Get Collectively and See the Mild Quickly

It began as a sport. I used to be interested by an concept for a brand new online game. What would you do when you had been immediately saddled with the accountability of saving the world? Your name, your determination, your child, what would you do? After which it progressed right into a extra critical thought into digital actuality. The place would you begin? In Iraq? Or another bother spot around the globe? I watch lots of information. The information is mainly miserable and sometimes using. everybody has the identical main tales, and each station has a special view of the that means. You must watch all of them and skim between the strains to get the reality, after which you’ll be able to by no means be certain.

I listened to the politicians, the Senators, the Congressmen and the Radio mouths and the TV intelligent comedians, and every of them had a special concept. It appears they every have their very own particular person tackle how one can eliminate and punish and destroy the opposite dangerous guys. The reality is seldom spoken and by no means standard. Then with a look on the world information(one thing we poor people couldn’t do earlier than TV), I see world information of turmoil. Everybody mad at one another, and each particular person on this earth has a special resolution. The issues are uncountable, with many flawed solutions for every drawback. Individuals are annoyed as a result of we’re shedding hope.

It appears if we’re ever to search out the reply, we should depart this place the place this turmoil and confusion blind us. So allow us to depart this little hideout the place we dwell and possibly go for a journey outdoors of the political cage; let’s look in from the skin. Like possibly from a spaceship circling the globe at excessive altitude and attempt to see the world information as a complete. We will look down via the clouds and see the oceans and the mountains, after which we zoom in, and there are all of these tiny folks taking pictures at one another and tearing issues up beneath a haze of smoke. And this area ship will enable us to see via “time” additionally. Way back to we are able to see, Human Beings have fought and warred with one another. Now we have to battle one another if we need to battle as a result of we Human Beings actually don’t have any enemy aside from ourselves. In the entire of the universe to this point, we’ve no different enemies. But we wrestle to outlive in world information the place we are able to really feel that we are going to quickly destroy all the pieces that we’ve at present if we proceed on this course with this ideology. Everyone knows this isn’t working.

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However there should still be away.

There could also be a technique to save the world information, not straightforward, however quick and certain. We might change our minds and check out talking the reality. Is there such a factor as the reality lately? My folks say, “Oh Ya, huge deal, like your reality is best than mine?” I notice that we dwell in a world with an ideology that insists that we every have a special opinion about all the pieces lately and the place the reality appears to be hidden and politically incorrect. Evidently to be heard, we should lie. Now I do know that sounds fairly pessimistic, however the state of affairs that we face at present requires some fairly heavy phrases, and we should be capable of communicate the exhausting phrases if we’re ever to be free, “Solely the reality can set us free.”

Have you ever ever thought how it’s that phrases of deceit have introduced us right here to the brink of destruction? Our phrases and our alternative of phrases that we use to speak will information us via our future. What number of phrases does it take to specific our frustration with our management? Is it as a result of everyone knows via and thru that one thing is mainly flawed? Phrases so limit us, and we dare not say the flawed phrase or dangerous.

Let me say some heavy phrases that may clarify my ideas;
Males and Girls have walked hand in hand via time.
Within the thoughts of Males;
“I need to go forth and campaign and conquer the world!”
Within the thoughts of Girls;
“I’ll comply with, however why should you sacrifice our kids?”


It has all the time been phrases of “deceit” which have introduced destruction to Mankind and, for that matter, destruction of the entire of our world information. That is June 2010, the oil spill, the upheavals in our Congress, our Church buildings, and management worldwide are proof optimistic the place “deceit” can lead us, now we are able to see “in lights” in entrance of the entire world.

“With out the reality, we’ve completely nothing!”

Up till now, I don’t suppose we might deal with the reality. I bear in mind when Jack Nicholson snarled that in a Film. And we certainly used to burn folks on the stake if we thought they had been too totally different from what we understood, and we’re vastly certain by the books and the politically accepted interpretation. We demand that our kids develop up with our understanding of the reality. After all, it’s our obligation to information our kids into this world as finest we are able to so long as we are able to. However what if we’ve been lied to? What if some folks have systematically lied to Mankind for hundreds of years? What if Man has been lied to by different males for the reason that starting of time? What if God would a lot somewhat that we get alongside and labored collectively to avoid wasting ourselves and this world?

I bear in mind a narrative within the Bible about how Man began to construct a tower to the Heavens, and God gave all of them a special language that separated them or one thing. I can see such an occasion with an affordable reply; it was a foul concept, and so they all stop and separated, you understand, went off their very own approach. More likely to collect with and comply with with those that agreed on why it was a foul concept. Right this moment we might reverse that incident and switch it in our favor. We might all flip and look again at God and see what He actually supposed and provided us?

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We, Mankind, should get collectively and see the fact of our current and our future. We should acknowledge the essential wants and commonalities that God has given us for survival and attempt to abolish the numerous selections that we make to go in opposition to God, which destroy and diminish Mankind and our world information.

The actual fact is that if we intend to depart one thing, something good for our kids, we should get collectively. World wide information, at present we might do this. It’s no good until all of us agree to know. We have to see what separates us and what brings us collectively. I imply, we don’t need to sleep collectively, however we might come collectively to a realization and a spotlight. Right this moment we spend our lives’ price and hard-earned cash devising methods to separate one another and create high-tech weapons to destroy one another. We college our younger to know who to hate and how one can destroy others. It is going to take an occasion of meteor energy to get the folks’s consideration, possibly this oil catastrophe? After we do, we higher have the best solutions. The appropriate reply may very well be “the reality.”


The actual fact is that we’ve been separated for the reason that starting of time by variations of opinions. A distinction of opinion was created and promoted by males. Rooted deep in our historical past are infinite tales of deceit created by some who really feel that they are going to profit someway. Like possibly; “Right here ye, right here ye, my fellow Man, let or not it’s recognized and written in stone that from now and without end, God wills that I and my household and pals shall be thought of Saintly, and you’re all to bow and pay the toll and know that my household is best than you and we’re by no means, ever to be doubted nor held accountable as Human Beings.” Would you go for that? We do; we’ve for hundreds of years. Our leaders deem themselves saintly and above Human scrutiny; it shackles our future to doom.

We grown-ups play a lethal sport off; “My God is Higher than Your God, So That Makes Me Higher than You, sport.” There’s a totally different imaginative and prescient of God within the thoughts of each Human Being on the earth, and none is similar, however none is best than another. There is just one God, however we’ll “select” to see Him in many various lights.

We can’t proceed destroying one another and our world information, believing that it’s God’s will. We battle as a result of we expect we’re all totally different. All of us suppose we’re fairly particular, and we’re. However possibly not higher than different Human Beings in God’s eyes. My uncle as soon as instructed me, “all the time bear in mind you’re higher than nobody, however nobody is best than you.” (I had no concept what he meant) It’s like a pecking order within the hen pen; in our case, it’s whoever has probably the most cash has the most important break. I consider that God supposed for Mankind to stroll this earth in well being and peace without end. And I consider that He’s relying on us to determine how we are able to do this. It’s clearly going to need to be on a special path than this one. We can’t proceed to belief Man’s judgment and phrases of deceit; we should look to God for the TRUTH.

We most all of us know God exists. However have we actually questioned the place and the way? Additionally, we should notice that God by no means wrote something. I flat out ask God one time after I was recovering from my most cancers operation in 1996, I ask;

“God, the place are you actually? I’ve heard about you from my first reminiscences, and so they inform me you’re within the heavens, within the sea, and in every single place, and I don’t see how you are able to do that? I need to present you ways a lot I respect it. I can really feel that you’re right here someplace, however?”

Perhaps we are able to all really feel in our hearts that there actually is a God, however? The thought that got here again to me from someplace was, “Hey, don’t fear about it, simply belief that I’m right here since you won’t perceive anyway.” Nicely, I do belief that God exists, however I have to know extra now.

Simply recall for a second how good it feels to collect in church and sing when you find yourself shoulder to shoulder along with your fellow Man? You possibly can truly really feel the vibrations from one another, vibes, and your coronary heart warms, and your head tingles, and also you need to hug any individual since you are all there in that place at that second, reaching for God. I consider that He’s very a lot there and really a lot right here at this second.

I consider that we are able to ask God after we want steerage. Critically and in whole actuality, as if He was standing proper right here beside us, ask God what He thinks it’s best to do, how it’s best to see issues. I do know that sounds previous, plain, and empty, however let me let you know why I consider that.

I’m not a scholar of faith or politics, so I can’t communicate in these phrases, however I consider I’ve good frequent sense. Really, I consider that’s certainly faith and politics the identical, and I consider it’s faith and politics which have separated Mankind for the reason that starting of time… So allow us to for a second put the Bible and the Political Deceit on the shelf, and all the pieces that we’ve been instructed about thriller historical past. Allow us to take a non-biblical have a look at the world information and attempt to discover some solutions;

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Quantity One, God, the place is He, and what’s He?

Quantity Two, let’s go trying to find the Satan and kick his ass! Let’s go in via the thorny bushes into that molten den and drag his purple butt scratching and clawing out by that silly trying tail and stomp him good. What do you say?

Oh sure, let’s use some becoming phrases. I consider that God is our creator; at first, I consider that God created us possibly of His personal picture, possibly so possibly not, however the truth is that He created this “masterpiece” of the Human Physique with such nice intricacies and complexities, that trendy Man is simply starting to find how far, far past our science fiction this physique actually is. Man won’t ever be capable of take a handful of dust and make even one Human Physique cell. God does it many instances every day.

Science has confirmed that we’re 99.9% the identical inside. Now how can they show that if we don’t even have 99 elements? I can solely depend about 20 elements or so. However truly, there are extra, fairly a couple of extra, about Three Billion extra truly.

That’s proper; science says that we’ve over Three Billion elements… all working… collectively… in real-time. Once you stub a toe, how lengthy does it take to cuss? Now that may be a phenomenon. Think about, we are able to solely see these tiny cells with a microscope, and guess what? Inside every of those cells is a DNA Ribbon containing over Three Billion segments that solely present as tiny shadows on our strongest computerized scope, one for every cell in our physique. Science says that it’s on this world information so tiny, in these segments, inside of every cell, that is the place “ALL OF OUR GROWTH AND ALL OF OUR REPAIR TAKES PLACE, interval!”

I do know we boast about our trendy expertise however “WOW” in comparison with God’s work, we’re infants.

We take our our bodies vastly without any consideration. They are saying we’re the identical as Adam, the very first Man. The numbers show that. When God created Adam, Man turned his personal “Entity” like no different at that very prompt. The heartbeat in your chest, as in mine, has been handed down from technology to technology just like the “Olympic Torch of Life” all the best way from Adam, in accordance with science.

Everyone knows that evolution has occurred, and all of these unusual bones of monkeys and apes that they dig up are clearly merely these of Species that didn’t survive. There aren’t any monkeys in Man’s tree. The evolution of Man is what we see around the globe at present; what we see is what we acquired. We joke concerning the resemblance to different creatures, however everyone knows the fact.

God put in lots of directions to associate with this masterpiece, which to this point has labored wonders. Most of our directions are set on computerized, however there are various others that we should acknowledge as instincts as a result of they require us to behave upon them. So allow us to have a look at what we all know God put in and the way essential it’s to us.

God put in the intuition to dwell because the primary highest precedence. We instinctively wrestle until the final breath to dwell. Secondly, we could have a toss-up between meals and intercourse; we’ve to eat, however generally it may well wait until after intercourse for a short while. I consider that God gave us the final word pleasure of intercourse for all the nice causes. Then subsequent could be, after all, the intuition to like and be cherished and to procreate and defend and do one thing good for our personal and our future. All of us really feel the identical ache in our flesh and our coronary heart for our losses. It’s the “defend” intuition that usually brings us to battle one another, often as a result of we concern what the opposite dangerous guys would possibly do or say. We are going to “defend” what we consider into the loss of life!

So allow us to ensure that what we consider in is, possibly, what God supposed for us? I recommend that God supposed for us to stroll this earth in well being and peace without end, and He gave us the brainpower to determine how to try this.

Would it not be honest to say that God gave each Human Being on earth these presents? Allow us to have a look at the way it appears to me that Mankind has accepted these fantastic presents from God.

#1 God gave us life and the final word intuition to dwell.
The person has determined. (Killing different People is OK if we would like)

#2 God presents us His second most treasured reward of intercourse and love.
Man decides. (We demean intercourse and marriage, celibacy is Holy)

#3 All of us need to do one thing good and procreate and defend our personal and our future.
The person decides (solely these “chosen” are deserving of achievement)

#4 It’s flawed to cheat and deceive your fellow Man in God’s title.
Man Decides (God is nothing. It’s noble and good and respectable to Lord over different Human Beings, commit and promote crime and deceit, and horde and waste whereas others wrestle to outlive. It’s saintly to flaunt and brag about un-Godly pondering and actions. Right this moment we are able to justify absolutely anything we need to do and have carried out.)

Evidently Mankind has intentionally been led away from God’s apparent intentions for our survival.

Right this moment our leaders have collectively teamed as much as perpetuate and perpetrate the most important crime within the historical past of Mankind. In all of our historical past and all of our ideas, the one single most harmful entity to Mankind is “The Company Monopoly!”

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It’s not the worst of it that the Drug Company Monopoly cash controls our well being system and our Congress with lobbyists’ affect, not the worst of it in any respect. I consider it’s a company that has practically taken our world information with blatant and dastardly ungodly crimes.

I’m speaking a few Company that desires the entire world information, like a one-world authorities. OPEC surfaced shortly after JFK was eliminated; he was the final to defy company monopolies brazenly. If we examine historical past, it is a dastardly handful of individuals with a protracted historical past of deceit as a convention; they’re someway concerned in or are the direct explanation for actually each political battle around the globe information at present and in historical past. Anybody who needs to promote oil outdoors of OPEC management is deemed “black market” and will get the ax. Our navy is assigned to guard the OPEC Monopoly. Now we have to fireside on these Human Beings over there within the sand as a result of they need to promote us their gasoline for a “quarter” like they used to earlier than OPEC and nonetheless do in every single place else within the so-called evil world. Our leaders have pressured this monopoly upon their very own folks and in so doing not solely made us the world villains, however they’ve sucked the lifeblood out of our financial system. Our power value is on the base of our financial system. When the price of Power disproportionately outgrew our means, we started to fall. When the financial system pressured our mothers to work, it broke up our most treasured basis, the household. Now we have despatched our future to die to guard the OPEC Monopoly Agenda…

We should change the Power Coverage and permit open competitors on the gasoline pumps. Would it not appear to be a lot safer for the folks of the world to pay 1 / 4 for gasoline to these folks over there within the sand and cease the wars and stop that off-shore drilling? What if we are able to’t cease that leak? How lengthy will we survive if our oceans flip to grease? This case is a direct results of “Blind Greed!” A considered “hogs on the trough” involves thoughts after I take into consideration the oil folks. Have you ever observed, most of their effort has been to “seize” the oil?

Oil has deceived and broken our world information for the reason that Sixties due to some short-sighted Human Beings who determined to go in opposition to God’s ideas. Let’s face it; crime pays at present.

Suppose we are able to see that all the pieces that God has given us is completely optimistic all the best way from the Three Billion tiny segments inside every one among our Three Billion tiny cells together with whole computerized working directions for all to work in optimistic real-time unison. Plus, the biggie; A thoughts of our personal, plans and prepares to outlive, and plenty of pure optimistic instincts. We will survive if we are able to learn the way!

The place ever else we could discover God, within the Bible, within the oceans, within the sky, I consider that the brand new DNA testing proves that God is our Unique Father in an actual bodily sense and that God lives on within the DNA of each Human Being on earth and that He tries so exhausting to speak with us via our coronary heart, our conscience. That will clarify how He has been with us in every single place all the time. He could be within the bodily a part of our Being crying out, attempting to information our psychological half, possibly? Every thing about God is optimistic, and all the pieces that God has offered is optimistic, so what’s the drawback?

The issue may very well be the Satan. Let’s go trying to find the Satan! Let’s go trying to find the damaging, the a part of our world information that we see destroying Man’s achievements and realistically destroying Mankind and our fantastic world information. Will we consider that he’s purple with a tail and lives in Hell? He shouldn’t be too exhausting to identify until we’ve been lied to about that additionally? Really, possibly that’s the reason he has been so elusive via the centuries? To go together with all the image of the recent molten cavern and the pitchfork and many others., we’re instructed that he’s additionally very harmful, “don’t take into consideration him, or he’ll get you!” That’s all Bull Stuff, and everyone knows it after we hear it, and we’ve questioned all through our life why Man can’t provide you with a greater, extra lifelike lie than that? We don’t give it some thought, or we don’t need to. Is it most likely cause we don’t have the slightest concept of what the Satan actually is? It’s straightforward sufficient to see that he actually exists by the dastardly bloody destruction he leaves behind. If we’re going to hunt him, we higher know what he seems like. If everyone is aware of, then he could have nowhere to cover.

A thought exists solely in our personal thoughts; we can’t see it or contact it as a result of it’s truly nothing, but it guides our actions. The Satan is simply an evil thought conjured from inside our personal thoughts that we Human Beings act upon. Clearly, it could be a thought that will lead Man away from God and God’s intentions for us Human Beings. Man makes use of the Satan as an excuse to go in opposition to God and to consider that we’re above Mankind…
Let’s drag the Satan out by that silly tail and stomp him! The Satan is “nothing,” nothing greater than a option to act upon an ungodly thought…

“Issues are totally different now; at present, we’re rather a lot smarter than they had been within the previous days; you simply wouldn’t perceive.” I can bear in mind listening to my older sister inform that to my Dad again in1946. After all, all the pieces is altering… besides “The Human Physique,” and our must survive and thrive.