The Moco Museum breaks with the ordinary in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city rich in art. It is known worldwide for its artistic history and legacy that has left traces over the years. However, the Moco Museum was born in 2016 with the intention of breaking with the everyday routine and bringing a very different style of art to this iconic city. Other museums are based on displaying ancient art pieces hundreds of years old. This museum Amsterdam has a great collection of art pieces that seek to break with limitations and exploit the creativity of its visitors. Surely you’ve never come across a big, red Gummy Bear in any other museum. Or a room full of lights that create a unique visual effect. Well, it’s time for you to enjoy a new concept in art.

A little information about this iconic museum

In the city of Amsterdam is located the Museumplein square. This square is known worldwide for being surrounded by museums such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. The Moco Museum joins this list. This museum stands out from the rest because it offers pieces of young art, inspired by elements of modern society. It was founded by Lionel and Kim Logchies, owners of the Lionel Gallery with the intention of demonstrating that young people can have fun and explore creativity in a museum. This museum Amsterdam is geared towards anyone looking to explore art pieces that are out of the ordinary. No more boring pieces. When you want to disconnect from everyday life, this museum is an excellent option to have fun with family and friends.

How can I enjoy this museum Amsterdam?

If you want to visit the facilities of the Moco Museum, the first thing you should do is access its website. There you can find all the information about the pieces of art that are exhibited, dates and times you can enter and some rules that you must comply with so that your visit has no setbacks. This museum Amsterdam joins the efforts to create safe environments for its visitors. For this reason you will notice that to buy your tickets you must choose a date and time. This is done with the intention of avoiding crowds. Following this rule, we recommend that you attend at least 10 minutes before the time indicated on your ticket. It’s time to have fun in a different way. It’s time to discover the maximum potential to which you can take your creativity.

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